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Tip to Toe Tutorials: Carnival Workouts

Workouts by Jenny Tredwell

Whatever race, size or gender, Notting Hill Carnival is all inclusive - everybody just comes together to eat, drink, dance and misbehave.

Whether you are big an’ beautiful, or pretty an’ petite, got muscles like a bodybuilder, or have a more slender body shape, we’ve teamed up with Nuffield Health Battersea Fitness & Wellbeing Gym, so you feel your best at carnival, and are ready to shake yuh badtail!

All workouts and variations have been crafted by two trained fitness experts. You can choose the right variation from each that suits you best. Doh push yourself too much - if you end up hurt, you ain’t gonna be ready to mash up on de road!

Exercise: Kettlebell deadlift burpee

This first one is all about cardio - a lil bit of everything. Start with three sets and 12 reps.

Tips from our PT:

Start by finding a kettlebell that’s a challenging weight, but that you can deadlift for at least 10 consecutive reps while maintaining good form. Then, all you need is space for the burpee and some carnival tunes to get you motivated!

Exercise: Squats

Second up is all about yuh badtail - literally! This'll work your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and abdominals.

Tips from our PT:

A squat is a powerful strength exercise that works and tones your lower body. Stand with your feet hip width apart, toes slightly turned out, with the weight in your heels. As you move up and down try to keep your shoulders back and your chest up

Exercise: Climbers and core

This one is all about the abdominals, but you’ll get a cheeky arm and leg sesh depending on your variation. Three sets, 12 reps.

Tips from our PT:

Start in a tall plank position and then alternate moving either your arms or your legs. For legs, try mountain climbers, or pop on your Lycra and go for a Spiderman move. For arms, try shoulder taps or a walking plank. Whatever move you choose, keep your torso steady and your abs braced at all times.

Exercise: Upper body combo

Get yuh upper body in check - this’ll work out yuh shoulders, upper back and arms. Three sets, 12 reps.

Tips from our PT:

For the lateral raises and the front raises, keep your arms straight and only lift them to shoulder height. Don’t rush the movements; it’s all about control not momentum. When executing the reverse fly, lean forward, feet close together and feel the tension in your legs. Then, slightly bend your elbows, open your arms wide and imagine you’re squashing a satsuma between your shoulder blades. Keep your torso steady and try not to bob up and down.

Exercise: Lunges

This'll work quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and abdominals - get yuh bottom half in gear for all the wining! Three sets, 12 reps.

Tips from our PT:

Be careful when doing lunges; if you have any knee problems, don’t push too hard - and maybe refrain from trying variations such as jumping lunges until your knees are stronger! When you’re at the bottom of a lunge, if you look in the mirror you should be able to draw a nice straight line from your shoulder down to your knee. There should also be an even square shape between your front and rear leg.

You're all going to be feeling yuh best when you join we famalay at Notting Hill Carnival! Grab your t-shirt packages here now!

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