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Tip to Toe Tutorials: Dutty Vikings & Inception Face Gems

When you hit the road in a Colours Carnival x One World Rebellion costume, you are guaranteed to dazzle, whether male or female. We got feathers, we got jewels, we got that sheer fabric that glistens in the sun… 

We’re all about that top to toe look though, which goes beyond what you’re wearing. Along with rocking a badtail attitude, for the women, it’s about the nails, the make-up and any fabulous extras that make you feel confident on the road. 

Face gems are a quick yet game-changing addition to your Carnival look. Need some inspiration? Look no further. We’ve teamed them with some of our packages from Sunday and Monday, but mix them up, rock them before, at and after Notting Hill Carnival - you do you. 


Creating the looks are pretty simple; head to eBay - they have a great, varied selection of preset gems (already positioned). You can create different looks with forehead gems, twinned designs for above or below the eye, and designs to sit horizontal to your eye too.


First things first, do your base make-up. Once you’ve applied your primer, foundation and concealer, move onto the eyes. We selected two to three bold colours from the matching costume, which we made sure to thoroughly blend. If the colour isn’t bold enough, keep building until it does - you’re running with COLOURS, after all!

Next up are any extras, like lipstick and highlighter. Apply as you normally would, but again, the bolder the better! 


Now is time to apply the face gems. For gems above or below your eyes, place half a centimetre to a centimetre away from your undereye and brows, and ensure they are an equal distance away from your nose. This also goes for any gems sitting either side of your eyes.


Your forehead is a canvas for the most extravagant of the lot. Top tip: line up the centre of the gem design with the tip of your nose and then place one or two centimetres above your brows. 

Sunday monokini

Finally, to make sure your fabulous gems stay in place while you wine and misbehave, use a setting spray. This’ll keep the rest of your beautiful look strong too. 

Grab your Carnival Sunday or Monday package here - or one of our combo packages if you wild enough to do BOTH days. Deadline soon come - 31st July for Monday packages.

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