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Tip to Toe Tutorials: Inception Make-Up

Step by step instructions by @lailamwah

Wash away the paint (and sins) from your Carnival Sunday t-shirt or monokini, (oh, and your hair and body), then wake up and pretty up again on Carnival Monday!

Costume day brings all the glitz and the glamour that carnival is world-renowned for. Once you've donned your costume and heels (well, trainers, let's be honest, it's a long ol' dance route), it's time to get your face on. Carnival is girls girls girls after all. Ent, Fay-Ann Lyons?

Why not give your fave look a practise run on Carnival Friday at our One Famalay Carnival Concert? You can grab your tickets to London's BIGGEST EVER Soca gig here.


Step 1 - Start with a fresh base.

Step 2 - Apply an orange cream or concealer to the lid and blend in.

Step 3 - Apply an orange shadow on top to intensify the colour.

Step 4 - Add a clear lid gloss to seal the colour and pat over the shadow.

Step 5 - Apply mascara or fake lashes to finish.


Step 1 - Apply a primer or concealer over your lids to create a blank canvas. 

Step 2 - Place a light purple or pink into the crease of your eye, and blend upwards.

Step 3 - Build the colour with a deeper purple into the crease. 

Step 4 - Keep building with a bright pink shadow onto the lid, blending into the purple.

Step 5 - Finish with lashes and a pop of neon green in the tear duct area.


Step 1 - Apply a black eyeshadow base to the eyelid.

Step 2 - Blend upwards and outwards to create a cat eye shape (top tip: you can use a dusty pink eyeshadow to blend the edges for a softer, smokier look).

Step 3 - Apply more black eyeshadow on top of the base and keep blending!

Step 4 - Grab chunky glitter and some adhesive (you can use from fake lashes), and place on the inner corners of your eyes. Don’t be afraid - there’s never too much glitter! 


Step 1 - Apply an orange shadow across the lid for a wash of colour.

Step 2 - Apply a pink shadow on the outer corners of your eye and a lighter gold on the inner - this will create a gradient effect.

Step 3 - Map out where your glitter happy tears will go.

Step 4 - Apply adhesive (you can use the adhesive that comes with your fake lashes) and place gold glitter in these areas.

Step 5 - Finish with lashes and perhaps even more glitter...


Step 1 - Apply a base on the lids and blend upwards - this is to ensure maximum colour vibrancy.

Step 2 - Add a wash of purple into the crease and upper crease.

Step 3 - Define the crease further with a deeper purple eyeshadow.

Step 4 - Begin to 'cut' your crease using a tacky eyeshadow base or concealer.  

Step 5 - Pack on a light coloured eyeshadow to this area.

Step 6 - Add lashes and a pop of blue eyeliner on the waterline.

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