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Tip to Toe Tutorials: Carnival Sunday T-Shirt Customisation

Images shot by Emily Henderson

Yuh going t-shirt on Carnival Sunday and need some inspo on how to customise? We have three looks, each with only two or three steps - simple as.

For the fellas

You ain't been hitting the gym for nuttin'. If rolling up your t-shirt sleeves won't cut it, get out your scissors real quick.

1) Cut off the neckline a centimetre or two below the existing neckline.

2) Do the same a centimetre from the existing stitching on both arms.

For the ladies - tassles

Want something that looks real fancy but is super easy? This look will take 15 minutes tops.

1) Cut off the neckline and sleeves a centimetre or two below the existing stitching. Then, cut vertically from the bottom of the t-shirt up towards your stomach in two centimetre strips - you can go as high as you'd like!

2) Tie every other strip together about four or five centimetres down; so, when laid flat, you'll be tying strips 1 and 3 together, 2 and 4, 5 and 7, 6 and 8, and so forth.

Bonus step 3) If you like, you can continue tying five centimetres lower. This will create a diamond effect.

For the ladies - the cold shoulder

Doh look back and regret not creating this look.

1) Choose the style you want: to create a baggy, off-the-shoulder look, go for a larger t-shirt. For a more streamlined fit, opt for a smaller t-shirt.

2) Cut off the neckline by one to two centimetres below the existing neckline. Then, fold in half and pull what would be the front of the t-shirt away, towards the arms (this is so you don't cut through the front too). Then, starting in line with what would be in line with the base of your back, make a snip. A centimetre above, make a bigger cut, increasing in size on the way up.

3) Pull apart a little to create space.

Grab your t-shirt ultra all-inclusive package here today.

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