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SeaScape Backline 

SeaScape reflects the rich iridescent blues of our Caribbean Sea, which characterise the waters that bathe and nourish our very souls. Our warm, soothing waters may appear to be tranquil and serene but they can quickly transform into a frenzy of movement and energy, just like our masqueraders. In our female frontline, midline, backline or male SeaScape section, you’ll be resplendent in opulent blues and silver whilst you ebb and flow along the streets of Notting Hill. 




This backline costume includes:

  • Tiara

  • Backline backpack

  • Neck piece

  • Bodywear: Bikini (bra & bottoms)

  • Arm bands

  • Thigh pieces

Upgrades/Add ons: Timya blingz bag (£23.00)


Each package includes:

  • Food (breakfast/ lunch/ snacks) included

  • Premium beverages included

  • Top international & local DJs/artistes

  • Music truck

  • Polite security

  • Souvenir cup

  • Fully serviced toilet facilities

  • Security wrist band

  • And more surprises on the day



Transaction fees added at checkout

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