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Why Colours Carnival is the best mas band at Notting Hill Carnival

We loud, we bad and we colourful; it goes without saying, we know we’re de hottest band on de road - and have been since we burst onto the Notting Hill Carnival scene in 2015 - but it’s not just us that know it.

Over 800 masqueraders wine up with us across the two days of August Bank Holiday each year, while we bring an authentic taste of the Caribbean carnival experience to London. We’re talking tasty food, unlimited refreshments, exclusive live performances - this year, it’s Grammy Award-winning Bunji Garlin and Queen of Soca Fay-Ann Lyons - the best international Soca DJs, security and even more, all rolled into one easy ultra all-inclusive package.

We asked 11 of our masqueraders why they like jumping wit us and they had a lot to say.


“Everybody should dance in Carnival at least once. I was nervous about it at first and now I have done it for 3 years! It is festival vibes, nightclub vibes and just having fun in the streets with your best mates vibes all rolled into one. Colours are your family for the day - safe, secure and just happy to have you. If you have never done it, then do it this year. You won't regret it.”


“Carnival with Colours was honestly one of the best days I’ve ever had in London - and I moved to the capital for two years! The energy is contagious and the people/food/music are remarkable.”


“Carnival with COLOURS was such a great day out! It was my first time at Notting Hill Carnival and I wasn’t disappointed. The atmosphere, the people, the food and the colours were amazing! Would do again.”


“The whole day with Colours from start to finish, including the costume and the food, was incredible. I’ve been to carnival lots of times, but dancing with Colours just made the experience even better.”


“I've joined Colours two years in a row. It's a great atmosphere, full of friendly people and a good selection of drinks! It does get very busy, so be prepared, but the crowds are happy and friendly.”


“I can put my hand on my heart and say that this is one of the best experiences in London that I've got to be a part of. The people, the food, the music was just amazing! It even rained that day and that did not dampen what was genuinely a smashing day out."


“I go to Notting Hill Carnival every year. The first time I joined a float was with Colours, and I loved it! We were the most colourful, raucous float on the route... good vibes and memories made!”


“Carnival was such a crazy experience. It’s hard to describe the cacophony of sounds and colours, but it’s quite a rush. I’ve never experienced a party atmosphere like it.”


"The party atmosphere, the sense of camaraderie... the absolute fun of the day is something not to be missed."


“A great afternoon spent with friends, dancing around West London. Money well spent and very reasonable.”


“I love jumping with Colours because you feel like you’re part of one big, happy, wild family. The music is pumping, the paint is flowing, everyone is dancing – and I always feel sassy and confident in their costumes.”

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