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In the beginning the Creator Created and all was well, all was made, all was supplied, all that was and is needed for His greatest Creation to come was Completed.

Out of the depths of a heart of love comes life abundant and powerful Life.

A balance so precise, mortal man could never fathom, as it was all for him- all for us.


The Existence of life

The flames of life , The larva of our love.

As passion that erupts, in sync with the beat of time and sound…

The heat that rises out of its epicenter and fills the night skies, painting it in burnt colours, hot and beautiful.

Beauty for Ashes a sweet exchange.


The Earthy Surface it covers such treasures of history, of our story…

Even in its dryness pushes out Fruit and Fauna to feed the hunger within.

How can we deny this undeniable garment of life.

The Air we Breath, the flow and essence of all that envelopes us every breath an internal and external rhythm and pulse.

A power that flows out, in and over the Land.

Living waters fluidity of life.


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