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FireSky Male

FireSky is a reflection of the radiant sun that smiles down on our beautiful islands and the majestic sunset which bathes our land with deep hues of orange and gold. In our female frontline, midline, backline or male FireSky section, you’ll illuminate and bring warmth to the streets of Notting Hill in a symphony of red and vibrant orange which pay homage to the beauty of our Caribbean sky.



This Male costume includes:

  • Head piece (feathered)

  • Neck piece

  • Belt

  • Shorts

  • Arm bands

  • Wrist bands

  • Leg pieces


Each package includes:

  • Food (breakfast/ lunch/ snacks) included

  • Premium beverages included

  • Top international & local DJs/artistes

  • Music truck

  • Polite security

  • Souvenir cup

  • Fully serviced toilet facilities

  • Security wrist band

  • And more surprises on the day



Transaction fees added at checkout

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