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El Dorado Female

El Dorado our fun mas option draws from the collective treasures of our Caribbean islands such as the vibrancy of our people, the rhythm of our music, the abundance of our ‘black gold’ mineral resources, the fine taste of our rums and the gift of our Carnival. These all add to the wealth and richness of our lands. In our female or male El Dorado fun mas section you’ll glow like a priceless jewel on di road.



This female costume includes:


• Headband

• Feather Collar

• Bodywear: Monokini (one piece)

• Arm bands

• Leg pieces


Each package includes:

  • Food (breakfast/ lunch/ snacks) included

  • Premium beverages included

  • Top international & local DJs/artistes

  • Music truck

  • Polite security

  • Souvenir cup

  • Fully serviced toilet facilities

  • Security wrist band

  • And more surprises on the day



Transaction fees added at checkout

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