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Eden Backline

Eden symbolises the paradise that truly reflects our beloved Caribbean. It is inspired by the bountiful lush rainforests, exquisite flowers that are nature’s own jewels and swaying tropical trees that wrap around and encase our beautiful Caribbean islands. In our female frontline, backline or male Eden section, you’ll bring and breathe life to the streets of Notting Hill while bedecked in luxuriant jewelled tones of green.



This backline costume includes:

  • Headband

  • BL backpack

  • Neck piece

  • Bodywear: Bikini (bra & bottoms)

  • Arm bands

  • Thigh pieces

Upgrades/Add ons:Frontline Backpack (£69)

Timya blingz bag (£23.00)


Each package includes:

  • Food (breakfast/ lunch/ snacks) included

  • Premium beverages included

  • Top international & local DJs/artistes

  • Music truck

  • Polite security

  • Souvenir cup

  • Fully serviced toilet facilities

  • Security wrist band

  • And more surprises on the day



Transaction fees added at checkout

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