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Taking you back to the heart and soul of Notting Hill Carnival, our 2022 presentation will carry you on a journey which celebrates our motherland. Our costume collection highlights the exquisite elements and vitality that epitomise our breathtaking Caribbean Islands. Dazzle in one of our glorious costumes that showcase why our islands are the most unique and special in the world. 


All our packages are an all-inclusive experience

  • Food (breakfast/ lunch/ snacks) included

  • Premium beverages included

  • Top international & local DJs playing the best in Soca

  • Fully serviced toilet facilities

  • Polite security

  • State of the art sound systems

  • Plus we have a packed goodie bag with your cup for de road


SeaScape reflects the rich iridescent blues of our Caribbean Sea, which characterise the waters that bathe and nourish our very souls. Our warm, soothing waters may appear to be tranquil and serene but they can quickly transform into a frenzy of energy and movement, just like our masqueraders. In our female frontline, midline, backline or male SeaScape section, you’ll be resplendent in opulent blues and silver whilst you ebb and flow along the streets of Notting Hill.



FireSky is a reflection of the radiant sun that smiles down on our beautiful islands and the majestic sunset which bathes our land with deep hues of orange and gold. In our female frontline, midline, backline or male FireSky section, you’ll illuminate and bring warmth to the streets of Notting Hill in a symphony of red and vibrant orange which pay homage to the beauty of our Caribbean sky.



Eden symbolises the paradise that truly reflects our beloved Caribbean. It is inspired by the bountiful lush rainforests, exquisite flowers that are nature’s own jewels and swaying tropical trees that wrap around and encase our beautiful Caribbean islands. In our female frontline, backline or male Eden section, you’ll bring and breathe life to the streets of Notting Hill while bedecked in luxuriant jewelled tones of green.


El Dorado

El Dorado our fun mas option draws from the collective treasures of our Caribbean islands such as the vibrancy of our people, the rhythm of our music, the abundance of our ‘black gold’ mineral resources, the fine taste of our rums and the gift of our Carnival. These all add to the wealth and richness of our lands. In our female or male El Dorado fun mas section you’ll glow like a priceless jewel on di road..   


Island Vibez

Island Vibez is our Monday party section that we are excited to bring to de road. The laughter, passion, joy and friendliness of our people create an extra special atmosphere that stays a lifetime with anyone who visits our Caribbean islands. Come and experience these vibez with us on Carnival Monday in our unisex t-shirt and Colours Carnival cap because This Is How We Carnival.

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